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    If you are wanting to sell your home in this area, and if you need help with choosing the best real estate agent in our area, then, you are at the right place.
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    As a real estate agent trainer I have a few local agents in mind that do tick all my boxes as being worth their commissions and who won’t allow your property to be under sold.

  • The Rebel of the Real Estate World

    Answering your questions about what we are doing at the Real Estate Rebel Alliance Aug 2

    Join us....
    For more information on this groundbreaking event, visit....

  • Loves the Results Too

    When your clients are raving fans you must be doing something right. See what Glenn's fans think of the results they get from working with him.

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    We've teamed up with our local businesses to put together some special deals for you.
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Great client of mine, Jason Savage, had me in tears

The owner of a very high end coaching group talks

Real Estate agent from Brisbane’s Northern Suburbs, Michael Spillane, has

Grab yourself some great VIP Deals from your local businesses.

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